When they turn bad…

Magical Corruption Rules for BRP

Lots of stories show magicians and wizards turning to the dark in their quest for power. They turn bad in incremental steps as their moral compass shifts more and more askew. Roleplaying games have modelled this in different ways.


Random Adventures

Sometimes we fall into patterns of behaviour without even realising it, especially with gaming. Regular groups develop their own culture over time and people get used to things happening a certain way. The same thing can happen when designing adventures, especially for long running campaigns.

I know random generators have a bad rap, but it can be good to add a little chaos to your design process to help break out of your established patterns and change things up a little.



My family and I tried out Islebound recently. The first things that stood out were the wonderful art and the high quality of all the cards and tokens. Unboxing this game was fun, each section we unpacked hinted at new and exciting things: pirates, sea monsters, and gold. Oh my! It was safe to say that our excitement levels were high…


Tsuro: The Game of the Path

I was given Tsuro for Christmas a while back and my family and I love it. It uses a deceptively simple concept: people lay down tiles that form interweaving lines from their various starting places on the board. You move along your line at the end of each turn until your only option is to move off the board or to crash head on into another player. Basically the last man standing wins.

TL/DR: Tsuro, by Calliope Games, is lots of fun and you should buy it (from your local games store if possible).


A Book Written in Another Language: The Saga of Burnt Njal

I read Njal’s Saga along with Egil’s Saga to get some background before preparing a Mythic Iceland game. They are quite different in tone; Egil’s Saga is more the tale of a great hero, while Njal’s Saga gives us much more of an insight to life in Iceland. Egil is a borderline psycho and quite hard to relate to. However Njal and the characters in his story are much more like real people.


A Book You were Supposed to Read in School but didn’t: To Kill a Mockingbird

To_Kill_a_MockingbirdThis was a tricky one for me; I had to cheat a little because I read all the books I was asked to in school. So I picked a book another class did: Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ (I think my class was reading ‘Wuthering Heights’ at the time). I started this one knowing nothing about the story, and only that it is a favourite of some of my friends. This book is quite different from the ones I’ve previously read for the challenge: it’s a Pulitzer Prize winner, an honest to goodness classic, and it moved me to tears.


Mythic Iceland Character Sheet

Mythic Iceland Character SheetI love roleplaying supplements that have a real solidity about them. Mythic Iceland is a game world with colour and vibrancy, with lore and history driving themes that anchor your character firmly into a story, and giving them a place in the world so to speak. My only issue with it is the ugly, ugly character sheet. So I made a new one…