The Dice are Cursed….

Some days Fate (yes fate gets a capital F because in this case Fate is a noun, Fate is also a fucker) is against you. You have a character who has been made to be good at something and the dice decide to test your mettle. That night your character sucks at everything you try, it goes beyond a joke and you stop having fun.

Enter a house rule….

Fate Points
Fate points allow the character to shift game reality a little, most of the time this is used to offset shitty luck. Each player starts with a pool of 3 fate points that is renewed at the start of each game session. These
Points can be spent to alter game reality in the players favour in the following ways:

  • 1 point can be spent to re-roll any dice roll made by the player. Points cannot be used to force any of the other players to re-roll.
  • 1 point can be spent to change a fumble to a normal failure or a critical success against the player’s character to a normal success.
  • 1 Point can be spent to stabilise an unconscious or dying character as if first aid had been performed on them.
  • Any fate points that are unspent at the end of a session do not roll over to the next session and extra fate points cannot be purchased with experience.
Fate points are a controversial topic; many feel game reality should only be altered by the Gamemaster, their solution is that the gm ‘fudges’ the situation. In my experience this is a path to ruin, I hate feeling railroaded and in the past the GM has fudged when I wanted my character to go out in a blaze of glory. The worst situation is when a GM with a penchant for fudging decided to let the dice fall where they may, then you feel like they let your PC die for a reason.

The only real solution is to put some power back in the players hands. I use Fate Points in all my games now, using fate points adds drama, people agonize over spending them. Fate Points also can act as a cue; people only use them for stuff that’s important to them or their PC, as a GM that’s always handy information.

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