Have a Character Sheet…

Here is a custom character sheet I made for my current fantasy campaign. It replaces the first page of the standard Basic Roleplaying sheet.

You can download it here:

BRP Fantasy Character Sheet Mark 1

Or by clicking the thumbnail on the right.

I was hoping to end up with a one page character sheet and am pleased with the efforts, especially as it’s the first character sheet I’ve made. It’s for the swords and sorcery campaign I’m running at the moment. All the skill defaults have been set to the standard fantasy default levels.

Here is what I’ve added to the front page:

  • A religion section where the hit points box was. You note the PC’s religion, track allegiance points and a few other bits of info.
  • A section for spells and magic skills.
  • A power point box.
Here is what’s been moved:
  • The hit point box is moved down to the combat area.
  • The dodge skill has been grouped with the combat skills.
  • The navigate and research skills have been moved from the perception skills to the knowledge skill group.
How did I make space for those things? Why remove skills that didn’t fit my campaign or a fantasy game.
Plans for the next version:
  • Confirm the skill list with my players.
  • Have a separate page for magic and magic items.
  • Include a section for hit locations.
  • An Equipment section.
I’m thinking the sheet will be three pages.


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