House Rules for Rolemaster

Rolemaster was the second game I played for any length of time. A simple core mechanic with up to a gazillion optional rules. We had a blast, found the tables fun and spent countless hours poring over our character sheets choosing skills and spells.

I have Rolemaster FRP, the current version of the game, and use the following house rules:

  • Fate Points Allow the character offset some of the random deadliness of the system.
  • Swap the magical realms of Monks and Bards; Monks become Mentalism users, and Bards become Essence users. This is probably the most commonly used house rule for Rolemaster.
  • Give out a set number of development points to each character, usually 80. They tend to average out the same anyway and the level of complexity just adds time to character generation.
  • Trim down the skill list. Rolemaster has skills for everything and choosing from the sheer number can be overwhelming for players new to the system. I would say at least 60% of them were not used in my game.
  • Allow Warrior Mages if playing in Kulthea. I’ve converted the skill costs to Rolemaster FRP and you can download it here: Warrior Mage for RMFRP. These are not the ones in the Essence Companion; the skill costs are different, and they still use the spell lists from Rolemaster Companion II. I was worried they would be unbalancing in play, but found that this was not the case.
There are some great resources out there for Rolemaster and I’d recommend visiting the Iron Crown website (link is on the right) and checking out the forums and downloads they have there.

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