Paranoia Conversion to Basic Roleplaying – Introduction

Paranoia 2nd Edition CoverI’ve always wanted to run a Paranoia campaign. I have the second edition, but found that the preconceptions around the system and setting have worked against anything other than one-off games. Basically the players are so keyed up to kill each other off that we don’t get to explore any of the slow building treachery, bureaucratic nightmares, successful treasonous plots and all that fun stuff.

I’ve always wanted to play it kinda straight where the problems in Alpha Complex are slowly exposed to the party, an option outlined in Paranoia XP. Unfortunately the baggage that bring to the table have meant that we’ve ended up with a humourous bar-room brawl rather than a humourous conspiracy.

Chaosium Basic RoleplayingOne solution is to run it using a different system. That changes people’s focus straight away. My favourite system at the moment is Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying, so I thought I’d use that. Over the next week or three I’ll post the progress in stages.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Character Stats and Skills.
  3. Mutations.
  4. Equipment.
You’ll still need the rulebooks for both games as I will be providing a basic outline only.
You can find other system conversions to Basic Roleplaying over at Basic Roleplaying Central.

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