Paranoia Conversion to Basic Roleplaying – Character Stats

Well, I guess we’ll start by going through the character creation steps in the big gold, Basic Roleplaying rulebook (pages 22-23) and mention changes as they happen.

Step 1: Name and Characteristics

Choose a name for your character, making sure it fits the campaign style. Talk to your GM about it if you are unsure. Standard Paranoia names are made up of several parts that are separated by hyphens:

  • Their first name.
  • The initial of their security clearance, R (red) for starting characters
  • A three letter code for the sector of Alpha Complex where the character lives, choose anything.
  • Their clone number, 1 for starting characters.
Terrible puns are traditional, the example given in the rules is Anne-R-KEY-1. Go nuts and have fun. Post any good ones in the comments if you like.


One big factor in Paranoia’s character generation is that almost everything is random. So I’d recommend rolling the characteristics in order and forgoing the option to move 3 points around. If you hate the results there is always the true and tried option of grovelling to the GM. In fact, you should grovel anyway.
I also suggest against using the, optional, education characteristic as Paranoia is about misinformation, misdirection and well… paranoia. The Know roll would seriously impact on the GM’s ability to bamboozle the players, and where’s the fun in that.

Step 2: Magic & Powers

We’ll skip this highly treasonous section on mutant abilities (for now) as there are no mutants in Alpha Complex.

Step 3: Age & Experience

I’d stick with the default age here, the Computer does not want doddery troubleshooters, it’s a young clones game. Not that there are any old troubleshooters anyway.

Step 4: Characteristic Rolls & Step 5: Derived Characteristics

Do this as written Citizen. Are you happy Citizen? Remember happiness is mandatory.

We’ll wrap things up now as the skills would turn this into a mega post, and they’re taking longer to write up than I planned.


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