Fun with Tables

I made an interesting discovery when putting up my Chivalry and Sorcery House Rules; the visual editor doesn’t do tables. I’m not complaining, it’s free. I thought I may need tables for some of the roleplaying stuff I’ll be posting and found the following:

  • You can use free plugins for tables.
  • You can’t use plugins with the free account at (Again not complaining)
  • You can switch to the html editor and code it.
  • You can create your table in Excel and paste it into the visual editor. Whoa! Back the truck up!
Yes you can paste from excel, here’s an example:
Category Prof. Col. #: Fighter
      Skill Category Fighter1
Armor-Plate Armor-Heavy 2
Armor-Leather Armor-Light 1
Armor-Chain Armor-Medium 2
Performing Art (Specify) Artistic-Active 2
Artistic-Passive Artistic-Passive 2

Here is an example of the HTML it produces:

<table width="466" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><colgroup><col width="241" /> <col span="3" width="75" /></colgroup>
<td width="241" height="13">Category</td>
<td width="75">Prof. Col. #:</td>
<td align="center" width="75"></td>
<td width="75">Fighter</td>
<td height="13">      Skill</td>

So nothing too arcane there. But it’s nice I can paste from Excel as most of the tables I’ll be putting up are sitting in Excel workbooks; and it’s way faster to pop something in Excel and the copy and paste it. 🙂


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