Paranoia Conversion to Basic Roleplaying – Skills

I’ve looked at the skills in several different ways:

  1. Skills that easily translate over from Paranoia to Basic Roleplaying.
  2. Skills that translate with a little adjustment.
  3. Weapon/Combat Skills.
  4. Treasonous Skills.
  5. Basic Roleplaying skills that don’t exist in Paranoia

1. Skills that Easily Translate from Paranoia to Basic Roleplaying.

These are the skills that have a direct match in Basic Roleplaying or fall under an existing skill. For example most of the Chutzpah skills fall into the communication category, under Persuade.

Paranoia Skill Name BRP Category BRP Skill
Bootlicking Communication Etiquette
Bribery Communication Persuade
Con Communication Persuade
Fast Talk Communication Fast Talk
Forgery Manipulation Craft: Forgery
Interrogation Communication Persuade
Intimidation Communication Persuade
Motivation Communication Persuade
Oratory Communication Persuade
Psychescan Perception Insight
Spurious Logic Communication Persuade
Habitat Engineering Mental Tech Skill: Habitat Eng.
Biochemical Therapy Mental Medicine
Biosciences Mental Science
Chemical Engineering Mental Tech Skill: Chemical Eng.
Data Analysis Mental Tech Skill: Computer Use
Data Search Mental Tech Skill: Computer Use
Demolition Manipulation Demolitions
Electronic Engineering Mental Tech Skill: Elec. Eng.
Mechanical Engineering Mental Tech Skill: Mech. Eng.
Nuclear Engineering Mental Tech Skill: Nuclear Eng.
Surveillance Mental Tech Skill: Surviellance
Survival Manipulation Craft: Survival

Note: I’ve shortened some of the names to fit the table in.

2. Skills that Translate with a little adjustment.

These are mostly the Bot & Vehicle skills, with Medicine and Security thrown in to keep them company. These skills do not have a similar skill in Basic Roleplaying, instead each Paranoia skill is made up of two Basic Roleplaying skills.

The vehicle skills in Paranoia cover both operating and repairing the vehicle, while Basic Roleplaying has separate skills for Repair and Drive/Pilot.

For Example: Autocar Operation & Maintenance would split into Drive: Autocar and Repair: Autocar.

I was also thinking some of the skills could be combined into broader categories; so there would be a Ground Vehicle skill rather than separate ones for Autocar and Crawler. Given it’s Paranoia and inconsistency is a major theme, I’m going to keep the skills for individual vehicles separate.

Paranoia Skill Name BRP Category BRP Skill
Autocar Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Autocar
Physical Drive: Autocar
Copter Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Copter
Physical Pilot: Copter
Crawler Op. & Maint. Physical Heavy Machine: Crawler
Hover Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Hovercraft
Physical Pilot: Hovercraft
Vulturecraft Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Vulturecraft
Physical Pilot: Vulturecraft
Docbot Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Docbot
Mental Tech Skill: Operate Docbot
Flybot Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Flybot
Mental Tech Skill: Operate Flybot
Jackobot Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Jackobot
Mental Tech Skill: Operate Jackobot
Scrubot Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Scrubot
Mental Tech Skill: Operate Scrubot
Transbot Op. & Maint. Manipulation Repair: Transbot
Mental Tech Skill: Operate Transbot

The Medical, Security and Stealth skills from Paranoia are a little different again; Medical encompasses First Aid and Medicine; Security covers Tech Skill: Security Systems for modern stuff, and Fine Manipulation for picking locks; and Stealth splits into Hide and Stealth.

Paranoia Skill Name BRP Category BRP Skill
Medical Mental First Aid
Medical Mental Medicine
Security Mental Tech Skill: Security Systems
Security Physical Fine Manipulation
Stealth Physical Hide
Stealth Physical Stealth

3. Combat/Weapon Skills

I’m going to use the ones out of Basic Roleplaying, most of the weapon classes translate across well. The only difference is that I’m not going to have one skill that covers all Primitive Melee Weapons, I’ll keep separate weapon skills for each weapon class.

4. Treasonous Skills

Many skills can be deemed treasonous if the Computer decrees it to be so. However there are two main skills that will get you in a pile of trouble; well one will get in trouble, the other will get you dead and not just clone-x dead, the whole clone family will be toast. They are:

Paranoia Skill Name BRP Category BRP Skill
Old Reckoning Cultures Mental Knowledge: Old Reckoning
Computer Programming Mental Tech Skill: Computer Prog.

Guess which one The Computer is the most afraid of you learning.

In fact, I’d be very careful about letting any PCs learn computer programming or hacking at any time. The Computer has disproportionate reactions at the best of time, it could result in a total party kill.

5. Basic Roleplaying Skills that don’t Exist in Paranoia

Most should be fine to use, but won’t give much benefit. The PCs won’t get many chances to learn other languages. You could use the status skill to chart their rise in Alpha Complex society. I’m still deciding whether to use Status or a modified Allegiance Point system.


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