Forbidden Island is Forbidden

Forbidden IslandWell that’s not quite true. Forbidden Island is a co-operative board game where up to four players try to recover four artifacts from a sinking island and escape with their lives.

I should also mention that it is heaps of fun. You can find the trailer here.

It was also a bit of a gaming departure for me…

It is the first 100% co-operative game that I’ve played and I loved it. I also don’t know how the old gaming group would go with it because there is zero ways to compete with the other players. This is fine because the Island is doing its best to drown you, if you don’t work together someone dies, if someone dies everyone loses.

The rules are pretty simple, but elegantly streamlined. I’m sure I could teach my seven year old daughter to play. Each game is different as the island is randomly generated and the players are randomly picked from a pool of six adventurer types.

On their turn players can move about the island, shore up flooded areas, trade cards and claim treasures (if they meet the requirements). At the end of each players turn more of the island sinks. This really cramps your style; if anyone drowns or the locations with the treasure sink then it’s game over.

Overall it was a really fun game that I’ll be playing a lot more of.



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