Sometimes just let them choose…

Well our Basic Roleplaying campaign ground to a halt went on hiatus due to a bit of GM burnout, along with the campaign not progressing in the direction I’d hoped. I just didn’t have an answer for the ‘where to from here?’ question for the characters.

So I sat down and spoke with the players and asked how they felt. Rob offered to run a Nephilim game and we jumped at the chance. I also asked them what they would like for the next campaign I run and offered four choices:

  1. A Chivalry & Sorcery game similar to Ars Magica. Each player would have several characters: a wizard and several companions/bodyguards. Only one wizard would adventure at a time and there would be significant amounts of downtime for research and enchanting.
  2. A Rolemaster game set on Shadow World in which the PCs would be Loari agent provocateurs out in the world.
  3. A Basic Roleplaying game set in a post apocalyptic world. We could run it like the fallout games, or run it straight.
  4. A Basic Roleplaying game set in the Traveller: New Era universe. The players would be working for the Regency as it evolved into the seeds of the 4th Imperium.

They were intrigued by option 1, really liked option 2, hated option 3, and had a lot of questions about option 4. Once they’d heard a bit more about the TNE universe I was asked if they could play in the Reformation Coalition. Star Vikings here we come…

I’m also really looking forward to being a player again, which will let me take my time prepping the BRP-Traveller campaign.


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