Challenge Accepted

I don’t need a push to read more; books are my drug of choice, well after coffee that is. When a co-worker approached me about a reading challenge I pooh-poohed the idea. I mean I read heaps. Then I thought about what I was reading.

I read a lot of different types of fiction, but over time, my reading comfort zone has become more of a walled garden than a zone, and not much new stuff gets in. So I took a second look at the categories for the 2015 Reading Challenge over at PopSugar and decided to use it to read something new.

We discussed the categories and agreed on some rules. A book could not be counted against multiple categories. Which is a shame because Rivers of London could tick six boxes at once. A trilogy had to be a self-contained, actual trilogy, not part of an ongoing series. Sorry Harry Dresden. The name of each book will be recorded on the sheet beside each category.

There are a few categories that will pose a problem. Finding an author with my initials will be tricky (Google was not my friend). So will finding a book set in my home town. But I’m sure I’ll find a book that fits, and I’ll post a paragraph or two about my progress as I go.



One comment

  1. I am also participating in this challenge. If you are interested, check it out under my Saturday Scrolls category. Best of Luck to you and Happy Reading!

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