Mythic Iceland Character Sheet

Mythic Iceland Character SheetI love roleplaying supplements that have a real solidity about them. Mythic Iceland is a game world with colour and vibrancy, with lore and history driving themes that anchor your character firmly into a story, and giving them a place in the world so to speak. My only issue with it is the ugly, ugly character sheet. So I made a new one…



Roleplaying with Children – Getting Started

It’s a question some gaming parents dread “Dad can you teach us roleplaying?” Roleplaying is a pretty natural activity for children, they play pretend all the time and their world seems to know no bounds. However they don’t like limits and tend to make up rules as they go along.

So what did I do when my children asked me about my favourite hobby? I said, “Yes” and we’ve had a ball.


Roll on the Playtest Table – Rolemaster Public Playtest

The Rolemaster Public playtest is underway, you can register over at the Iron Crown forums and download the files yourself if you like. Character Law and Spell Law were released on 28th September, and Arms Law was released on 16th October.

I’ve had a quick read through of Character Law and here are my thoughts…


Roleplaying: Characterization is Risky Business.

Why is characterization hard? Well, ‘cos we are people, and no person is just one thing. However in RPG land I’ve noticed that some people treat their characters as a set of tactical skills and their characterization is basically banter with the group.

There are a number of things that can encourage an emphasis on tactical play over actually role-playing:


The Problem with Paranoia………….is Paranoia!

Paranoia 2nd Edition CoverThe problem with Paranoia is not really Paranoia, but what people think Paranoia is.

What is Paranoia:

  1. A darkly satirical game of intrigue, bureaucratic nonsense, and building despair as you find out that nothing in Alpha Complex is what you believe.
  2. A slapstick killfest where you are supposed to be the last one standing at the end of the briefing.
  3. A game that you haven’t played, but are sick of hearing about. People have been boring you to tears describing how they love/loathe it. (more…)

Group dynamics, expectations and whatevs

Every group has their own expectations about ‘the right way’ to play, over time the group dynamics and way games are played solidify into strong beliefs and values. I’ve been reading and there are often forum posts about bad players/bad games/bad campaigns and bad roleplaying. In most of these cases the bad situation is due to a conflict in these unspoken, unconscious beliefs and expectations.