House Rules

House Rules for Rolemaster

Rolemaster was the second game I played for any length of time. A simple core mechanic with up to a gazillion optional rules. We had a blast, found the tables fun and spent countless hours poring over our character sheets choosing skills and spells. (more…)


The Dice are Cursed….

Some days Fate (yes fate gets a capital F because in this case Fate is a noun, Fate is also a fucker) is against you. You have a character who has been made to be good at something and the dice decide to test your mettle. That night your character sucks at everything you try, it goes beyond a joke and you stop having fun.

Enter a house rule….


Chivalry & Sorcery House Rules

Chivalry & Sorcery 3rd Edition came out after a bit of a dearth of roleplaying games. The boom of the early to mid ’90s had settled and roleplaying games were getting less and less shelf space at our local store. I bought a copy and was entranced. This was a game with a soul; a consistent theme and solid rules that backed it up.

However no game system is perfect and here are some of the house rules I used in my games: