Hello Interwebs!

Welcome to Grev’s Space. I’ve always wanted to have a personal website, mostly for roleplaying stuff, but always gotten bogged down in the site design instead of focusing on content.

Here are some of the things you can expect to find here:

  1. Various ranting about roleplaying stuff.
  2. House Rules and bits and pieces from my games.
  3. Other stuff and things as I feel like it.
  4. There may be will be swears.
How often will it be updated? *Lumberg voice* “ummmmm……yeah….about that.”

Why WordPress, surely any self respecting geek would roll their own site?
  1. I know enough HTML and CSS to hurt myself and others, but not enough to make the site look how I want.
  2. I wanted something with a design I could live with and that I can just throw content at.
  3. My first choice was iWeb, but no. It and Rapidweaver looked like the bizzo on paper, but once I started using them I got too frustrated with the things they wouldn’t let me change.
  4. It’s free and I don’t want to drop a bunch of money on it. iWeb is also free, it came with my computer, but it annoyed me too much.