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Currently this page is a bit of a dumping ground for miscellaneous roleplaying stuff. I’ll tidy it up later, maybe, and add some new bits and pieces as I go.

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Chivalry & Sorcery IIIChaosium Basic Roleplaying

Chivalry & Sorcery 3rd Edition

I’ve played Chivalry & Sorcery since 3rd Edition came out. I loved the character generation, combat system and the feel of the magic system.

There was an active web community, The Loyal Order of Chivalry and Sorcery, or LOCS for short, the website no longer exists. Here are some of the files from the old LOCS site:

CnS3 Character Sheet  The official character sheet from Highlander Designs. copyright 1997 Highlander Designs

CnS 3 Errata  The errata for the Gamemasters Handbook and stats for a Mongoose. copyright 1997 Highlander Designs

Corrected Skills Costs  The corrected skill costings from the main rulebook. copyright 1997 Highlander Designs

Here are a couple of things that I had put together:

CnS3 Character Spreadsheet  An Excel spreadsheet for creating characters and NPCs. It’s not pretty, but it’ll work in any version of Excel from 2.2 on up. Originally made in Claris Works on my trusty LCIII, my friend Simon converted it into Excel and replaced a lot of formula for lookups, speeding it up hugely. I haven’t used it in over ten years.

C&S III Character Form  A form to help with character creation. I put it together to help take people who have never played Chivalry & Sorcery through creating their characters and tracking the point cost of each section. I used this on the last few campaigns I ran.

C&S III Magical Materials  A zip archive containing: My Filemaker Pro 3 database of the magical materials from the main rulebook, along with a CSV file, an Excel spreadsheet with the exported records and a text file describing the format. The database can be opened with any version of Filemaker from 3 on up.  (Dropbox link that opens in a new tab.)

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Rolemaster was the second game I played for any length of time. A simple core mechanic with up to a gazillion optional rules. We had a blast, found the tables fun and spent countless hours poring over our character sheets choosing skills and spells.

Warrior Mage for RMFRP Here is my conversion of the Rolemaster Companion 2 Warrior Mage to Rolemaster FRP. The spell lists are the original lists from Companion 2, I haven’t found them unbalancing in play. I used the Profession Generator spreadsheet to make this. You can find it and lots of other Rolemaster related stuff at the Iron Crown homepage.

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Basic Roleplaying

I’ve played various versions of Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying over the years and I’ve always had a fondness for it. The core mechanic is very quick and straight forward; I find the system very elegant. I’m currently funning a fantasy game with it and having great fun.

BRP Fantasy Character Sheet Mark 1 Here is my first go at a character sheet for the game I’m running. I’ve removed the skills that I feel don’t fit the game and put in the fantasy default skill values. There are several changes I’d like to make on the next version:

  • Tweak the skills and remove any that don’t fit.
  • Put in space for hit locations.
  • Make it double sided with space on the back for equipment and information.
  • Move magic to the front.

Mythic Iceland Character Sheet Mythic Iceland is one of my favourite roleplaying supplements ever, however the official character sheet is an ugly, unreadable mess. So I made a replacement, and incorporated all the changes I wanted to make to the character sheet above.

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